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BizAutomation Cloud ERP

A web-based multi-module management system designed by for startups and small organizations.
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Run your Entire Business on One Integrated System Cloud based. On-demand access dramatically lowers maintenance and license fees. User configurable dashboards & Customer / Partner portals (with configurable dashboards).

Sales (SFA), Activity Mgt, & Business Process Automation (BPA), Item based Support, & Marketing (Campaign Mgt, Drip Campaigns, & E-mail broadcasting). Access to back-office tools front-office employees need such as Invoicing, P.O.s, Projects, Contracts, and Customer assets.


  • All the baseline reports needed - GL, P&L, CashFlow, Trial Balance, A/R & A/P (detail and summery) etc…
  • Customizable Chart of Accounts (with numbered accounts) with ability to set custom parent types.
  • Create Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills, Checks
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Company with report consolidator across subsidiaries


  • Contact Management (Task, Call, Named Action items)
  • Opportunity Pipeline Mgt (Create a selling process comprised of milestones & stages).
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Proposal Generator
  • Marketing
    • Campaign Tracking - Including the ability to use Invoice information for automatically impacting Campaign ROI
    • Email Broadcasting - Profile your database, Create an email template, then broadcast out to found record set.
    • Drip Campaigns - Put leads on a series of automates email templates and action items.
    • Web to lead / prospect / account with workflow - CSS / HTML enabled forms to capture lead information, then route to qualification questionnaire for profiling before creating lead or prospect record.
    • Survey Management
  • Service & Support Case Management
    • When creating a case, you can reference the item at the core of the issue, from recent orders (including image of the item). Whether being created internally or from the portal.

Customer & Partner Portal

  • Log-in account for customers and partners to see common records between them and the employer (company using BizAutomation).
  • Configurable dashboard within the portal for each partner or customer type / tier

Document Management

  • Upload documents of any kind to the library or within individual records
  • Set workflow automation on any document, also can expose it to the portal (e.g. Request a customer to approve an Invoice, which then kicks off an email alert to the customer with link to portal where they can click to approve).
  • Check in / out - Documents that are checked out, can only be copied out but can not be modified until checked back in.


  • Unlimited number of web stores / domains
  • Multi-Domain (Multiple stores leveraging same root inventory)
  • Multi-Currency (Each store can sell based on pricing for base or foreign currency based on conversion table)
  • CSS / HTML Template support (Let’s admin control look and feel of their web store in any way so it matches their web site).
  • Bread Crumbs (e.g. mycompany/electronics/tv) helps ranking on Google
  • Lots of other features such as integration with the portal, promo codes, etc…

Email Management

  • Outlook style email client with Inbox, Outbox, Calendaring, and full integration with Google Apps, and all of BizAutomation


  • Inventory Management
    • Support for Inventory, Non-Inventory, Assembly / BOM, Service, Matrix, Kits, and Item Configuration.
    • Multi-Warehouses are supported.
  • Work Order Management for Assemblies / BOMs
  • Order Management - Pick, Pack, Ship, Sales Fulfillment after Invoicing, &
  • Purchase Fulfillment after POs. Planning & Procurement based on Back Orders & Reorder
  • Shipping - Integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS
  • Order Workflow (i.e. Set POs to be created based on SO triggers for primary vendors if for JIT inventory or NI inventory).


  • Complex commission calculations
    • Set based on Gross profit or Invoice totals with incentive management (exposes next tier of commission and what amount or unit qty is required to achieve it within your tier)
    • Set tiers of commissions (e.g. If you have 5% when selling 1-10 and 8% when 11-20 within a month before it resets next month).
    • Set based on individual items, item classification, or all items
    • Affiliate commission management let’s you set commissions for partners, then exposing the portlet to their portal dashboard so they can track commission income and next tier
  • Time and Expense entry
  • Salaries & Overtime settings
  • Gross Payroll ready to export to Excel for external payroll processing service.

Project Management

  • Create N-Tier hierarchies of tasks with dependencies, each assignable to an employee or sub-contractor
  • Email alerts based on dependencies.
  • Time & Expense per task
  • Job / Project Costing with Profit / Loss and Gannt chart report
  • Permission control enables scalpel level control over who sees what tasks both internally and on the portal.
  • Budget and Contract Management let’s PMs set budget per task with limits, and have an over all view of contract limits with client.

Reviews of BizAutomation Cloud ERP

An anonymous BizAutomation Cloud ERP user says...

Biz Automation is a great cloud software to run our distribution business. The Biz team understands our needs and has great solutions to our issues. We have worked with many erp and BIZ is a great SMB company to server the SMB community. Their software is rock solid. The key is the support. Amazing support from a company that cares about our success.

The good: The ease of use and web-based approach. The support staff is always there.

The bad: Some of the screens need to get polished.