A collaboration platform for architectural design firms.

About KreativBricks

KreativBricks is a software that is a union of Construction project Management and Collaboration software made for Architecture and construction industry. Its a combination of Online work space, collaboration tool and project management tool.

Here’s are some benefits of this platform:

  • CPM based project management for boosting your firm’s performance.
  • Seamless convergence of all agencies and stakeholders on a single platform.
  • Easy to adapt, a simple learning curve to scale across all your projects

KreativeBricks Features

Some primary features are:

  • Site Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Firm’s Work space
  • project management
  • Project planning and Team sharing

KreativeBricks Target Market

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Project Managers

KreativBricks Pricing

The cost of KreativBricks starts at $20/user/month. The software is priced per user per month, billed annually. There is a free trial available. There is a free version available.

Product Overview

User Reviews of KreativBricks

Submitted on February 24th, 2021 by an anonymous KreativBricks user.

i have used this software

The Good…

One of the things that I really like about KreativBricks is that it gamifies working for my team and almost doubles the productivity of my employees by motivating not just your employees but also the contractors. As if employee motivation has been put on auto pilot.

The Bad…

Can’t think of anything wrong right now

Submitted on February 24th, 2021 by Somya singhai from Design Artistry

The insights I get after using the KreativBricks suite are so deep & important, it’s the single source of truth when it comes to how my firm is performing & a support system for my firm’s growth. The automatic reports are a bliss.

The Good…

Automatic analytics and site tracking.

The Bad…

Not anything as such, this is the first time I’m using a construction management software and I’m satisfied.