ACS Property Management

A multi-module management system designed by ACS Group for real estate & property management companies.

About ACS Property Management

The focus of ACS Property Management is to provide Property Managers with a highly powerful yet easy to use, software solution with all the Property management capabilities that other systems lack.

ACS Property Management is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the property management software guide for alternatives.

ACS Property Management is a robust, Windows-based Property management Software package that integrates completely with the award-winning MAS 90 and MAS 200 accounting systems from Best Software, Inc.

ACS Property Management’s deep integration with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger Modules allows for detailed Property management accounting, tracking, and reporting. This unique system can post revenue, expenses, and reimbursables to the General Ledger by Property or Unit, allowing full financial tracking for analysis.

Integrated with Sage 100 ERP, ACS Property Management offers world-class financial and management reporting tools, superb customization capabilities, and scalability for growing business.

Asset Tracking

ACS Property Management’s asset management system allows managers to track the assets placed in units including maintenance and transfers

When creating assets, managers can create specific codes and categories to identify the assets. All manufacturer and warranty information can be entered and maintained here as well. For easy identification and documentation of service requirements, digital pictures can be attached to the assets file.

Once created, assets are attached to the unit they reside in. From here, they can be transferred to another unit or deactivated (which removes it from the unit, but not the system).

For users with Service Work Order, asset service and maintenance can be tracked in the history of the asset.

The asset detail listing provides managers with a report of active or inactive assets in the system, allowing managers quick access to available assets as well as the assignment of active assets.


Rent Rate Changes: Any custom rate changes dictated in the lease can be entered in Lease Maintenance. Custom rate maintenance allows the creation of an unlimited number of rate changes on a charge line, sets date ranges for them, designated the type of change, and tracks them indefinitely. Rate will automatically take effect on the specified start date.

Calculation Types for Rate Changes Include:

  • Fixed - which adds a fixed amount to the base rent.
  • Percent - which adds a percentage of the base rent.
  • CPI - which calculates the change amount based on the consumer price index.
  • Add-on - which calculated the change from tenant gross sales.
  • Versus which is the same calculation as Add-on, but the calculated amount must be no less than the base rent.

When calculating on a CPI, Add-on, or Versus basis, the min/max controls can be used to set minimum and maximum rent rate computations.

Lease Billing

Once a lease and its charges are fully setup, managers can begin the billing process. ACS Property Management’s complete billing system integrates with Accounts Receivable to provide an organized system for billing generation.

The Lease charge selection screen is an easy to use guide for tenant billing. It provides options to bill all tenants on all properties, or only those on select properties.

Options include pass-through and reimbursable billings are also available here. Using the pending button, managers can view any pass-through and reimbursement charges that have been allocated, but not billed to tenants.

Lease Contracts

Lease Setup: ACS Property Management offers sophisticated lease management for all management types. Whether you’re managing commercial or residential properties, ACS Property Management’s flexible lease creation and management system provides the tools necessary to successfully manage all tenant leases.

Unlimited Leases Per Tenant: ACS Property Management allows managers to establish an unlimited number of Leases per Tenant, billable separately or together. Users also have the option to setup Co-Tenant Leases, (Multiple Leases per Unit,) and Future Tenant Leases with a scheduled start date.

Deposits & Prepayments: Users can setup and track an unlimited number of deposit types, which could include Security or Pet Deposits. Special General Ledger Account handling is provided for each type of deposit set up in the system. Moveout Wizard makes use of this when applying Tenant Deposits and Prepayments to outstanding charges.

Track Rent Charges Due: The ACS Property Management Billing System automatically tracks the Balance Due and Payment history for all invoiced line charges. This can be reviewed and printed for Tenants and Owners on the fly.

Late Fee Assessment: ACS Property Management allows managers full control over Late Fee Assessment. Late fees can be calculated on the number of days delinquent, fixed amounts, and tiered rates. Fees can also be assessed on a rent due basis.

Report Writer

Reporting is a tool that is indispensable for Property managers. Along with the capabilities of Report Master, FRx, Custom Financials, and Crystal Reports, ACS Property Management offers a variety of reports standard with the module.

ACS Property Management include numerous reports to further allow Property Managers to organize their data. From Property and Unit Listings to Rent Roll and Waiting List Reports, ACS Property Management’s array of reports provide managers with detailed information at their fingertips.

The Property Management Module also enhances standard Sage 100 ERP reports with additional Property Management Information. These enhancements include:

  • A/R Sales Journal
  • A/P Invoice Register
  • Manual Check Register
  • AP Check Register

Product Overview

Industry Focus

ACS Property Management is designed primarily for use in the real estate industry.

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