A cannabis wholesale platform from Outspoke.

About Outspoke

Outspoke.io creates a database of business activities from the user’s raw compliance and email data and provides a range of tools designed to improve the management of that data and thereby the business.

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These tools are generally focused on gaining visibility into inventory using the compliance data. This is great for businesses throughout the supply chain whether it’s a distributor knowing how many pieces are left on the shelf of a particular brand at a specific retail stakeholder or that’s a hashmaker knowing how many sales the distributor has made on their behalf within a specific time period.

The compliance data is supported by further data, particularly through the integration with gmail which brings contacts into Outspoke’s crm tool and brings email inboxes into the app to provide a seamless experience for users who wish to create customized sales sheets which include specific inventory allocations for buyers to be sent via email.

Additionally and in states like California, most importantly, the platform provides users with a compliant payment gateway through an integration with Hypur which will go live May 1st; Outspoke believes that putting this tool in the hands of small and medium size businesses will greatly reduce the outstanding debts and write-offs which have plagued the industry for the last 3 years.
Ultimately the platform is both an internal business tool comparable to a traditional CRM like salesforce and at the same time serves as the only actionable networking site limited to licensed businesses.

Outspoke Features

  • Compliance integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Compliant payment gateway through hypur integration
  • CRM environment
  • Marketplace
  • Visibility into inventory of stakeholder
  • Map-based environment

Product Overview

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