Binary Stream Vendor Contracts

A software system designed by Binary Stream Software.

About Binary Stream Vendor Contracts

Do You Take Full Advantage of Your Contracts & Rebates With Vendors?

Binary Streamýs Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates was built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP users to optimize and take full advantage of vendor contracts and rebates. This solution is directly embedded within Microsoft Dynamics GP and offers you the capability to recognize net discounts on purchase orders from suppliers and process rebates to suppliers from sales documents. Unlike other products in the market, Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates is the only Dexterity application that has automated rebates processing features.

By ensuring that the lowest contract price is selected, the Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates acts as a safety net so that your negotiated discounts are not missed in a busy purchasing environment. You can save you a great deal of time and money by simply automating the contract and rebate selection process, making sure no deal is missed.

Maximize Pricing and Rebate Opportunities

Since it is often difficult to keep track of all of your contracts and rebate offers, the *endor Contract Pricing & Rebates ensures that the lowest contract price is always selected on sales and purchase orders. By allowing end users to recognize their net discounts on Purchase Orders from suppliers and process rebates to suppliers from Sales Order documents, you can be assured you are making the most of your vendorsý offers. When processing sales orders, the optimal vendor contract will be used to maximize the margin on each sales order. In rebate processing, similarly, the rebate calculations are automatically generated during order processing and are tracked down to the distribution level.

Relevant and Up-to-Date Reporting

The Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates keeps track of all your rebate and contract deals so that you always have the most current purchasing cost information available. This in turn ensures that your gross margin reports will be accurate, meaningful, and correct.

Fully Integrated, Dexterity Based

Binary Stream`s Vendor Contract Pricing & Rebates is fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Written in Dexterity, the programming language of Microsoft Dynamics GP, this solution is a seamless fit with the pre-existing modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This tight integration allows an unlimited number of reports.

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