Time & Attendance

A web-based software system designed by Nextsoft.

About Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance allows you to collect attendance data, schedule employees, calculate overtime, track tardy occurrences, determine who didn’t show up and manage other attendance issues. The annual Attendance Calendar gives you a summary of attendance data for employee reviews (sick days, late days, vacation, hire date, birth date). The presence of Supervisor functions allow you to perform exceptions and approvals function for approving daily punches, and a timecard summary to review total hours for the week. An auto-approval feature allows the system to automatically approve punches based on meting predetermined criteria. This system will automatically transmit total hours and overtime directly to the Nextsoft Payroll solution

Customizable Rules

Rules are control factors that manage rounding, scheduling, tardy, overtime, lunches and breaks and other aspects of calculating hours worked. These rules are able to be completely customized, allowing different rules to be created for different work groups. Rules also allow you to decide which events cause an exception and which qualify for auto-approval. You might want to flag overtime as an exception for manual approval, while under time is not. Each Work Group and corresponding set of rules can then be customized to that Work Groups unique requirements.


The Time & Attendance system is able to track the daily activity of each employee. This is done by entering activity code for work being performed before performing it; this code will then be associated with that block of working hours.

Data Collection

This page can increase efficiency and streamline your operations by automating the creation of time sheets. Electronic time clocks eliminate the need for manual timecards and data entry. Biometric time clocks also insure that the employees punching IN and OUT are actually present by verifying their identify biometrically, eliminating costly errors and buddy punching. Biometrics also eliminate the need to produce employee badges, which represents an additional cost savings.


With integration to Payroll & Job cost, your timecards can reference job numbers, allowing labor costs to flow to jobs and service calls. Additionally, the hours worked will flow into payroll to automate the payment of hourly employees.

Product Overview

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