ProfitTool for Windows

A full ERP system designed by General Data Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and heating, a/c and ventilation companies.

About ProfitTool for Windows

DDI System has acquired General Data and now recommends Inform ERP as a replacement.

General Data Systems designed the ProfitTool Software Solution specifically for the following markets and industries:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Wholesalers
  • Durable Goods Distributors
  • Active ProfitTool Unix Users

ProfitTool contains a completely integrated suite of powerful software modules that addresses the specific requirements of the markets and industries we serve. This, coupled with our full array of products and implementation services, allows the Distributor to determine the level of our involvement in his business. Our Business relationships range from a complete turnkey approach to a software only transaction.

The ProfitTool company-wide Business Management System contains the following ten integrated modules:

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable prints checks, tracks credits, discounts, partial payments, and recurring obligations, enabling you to effectively manage your business expenses.

It includes numerous vendor and payable inquires, lead times, review cycles, an extensive library of expense analysis reporting, bank reconciliation, and cash requirement forecasting.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is a complete billing and accounts receivable system, with extensive sales analysis reporting. It instantly displays and prints customer and product sales histories and graphs. Credit Memo and Cash Application routines are provided in this Module. Mail Merge routines to create Dunning Letters and Marketing Letters using Word and WordPerfect are provided.

General Ledger

General Ledger gives you advanced financial reporting, designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Entries can be posted to current, previous, and future periods from any application. Flexible report formats provide comprehensive financial, comparative and audit trail options.

Inquiry Master

The Inquiry Master provides a single module that will allow you to inquire into the extensive ProfitTool for Windows database. All information regarding customers, products, vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, sales/purchase history and all ýelectronically storedý business documents can be accessed from the Inquiry Master. This module is also ýHOT KEYý accessible from within the other PFW modules.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control automatically tracks inventory balances, serial numbers, lots, and product line information with extensive reporting to analyze and manage your inventory. Inventory Control features an extensive Customer/Product Pricing Matrix providing you with the industry’s most flexible and easy to use matrix. A Bill of Material file supports ýassemblyý and ýpackageý sales

Purchase Order

Purchase Orders is a complete purchase order processing system for real time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances with extensive reporting capabilities. Purchase Orders employs ýAdvanced Inventory Management Methodsý during the generation of Automatic Purchase Orders.

Reports Master

The Reports Master provides series of reporting options covering nine major categories of Sales and Inventory Analysis/Profitability. This Reporting Master is a focal point for reporting critical information on Product Stock Status, Product Purchasing including comparisons to order point, Product Ranking, Open Sales Order Analysis, Inventory Turn Analysis, Customer, Product and Product Category Sales / Profitability Analysis.

Sales Order

Sales Orders generates, schedules, and maintains sales orders and sales order backlogs. Invoices are created automatically from an Enter Shipment routine. Sales Orders prints pick lists, UPS C.O.D. tags, as well as accommodates a ýCounter Salesý operation. Sales Orders have a wide variety of sales order analysis reports.

System Manager

System Manager is the ýControl Centerý for the ProfitTool for Windows System. With System Manager, you can configure workstations, user security, network printers and more. Its Data Dictionary provides utilities for viewing and maintaining database files.

Warehouse Shipments

The Warehouse Shipments Module provides ability to process inter-company stock transfers. Specifically, these routines allow the user to enter shipments from one branch location to another, producing all necessary paperwork to ship and receive the stock. This module also controls the ýIn Transitý inventory balances.

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