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You belong to the team that is the life blood of your company. Without you, revenues are not generated, profits are not made and the company doesn’t survive. Yet, unless the sales team is properly deployed and effectively motivated, it can pull a company down as quickly as it helps expand it.

After all that is said and done, people choose to join a sales team for one reason: They want to make money. Sales people are known for their resourcefulness and ability to identify the easier path that leads to their objective. They have an innate ability to discover the path of least resistance.

The key to motivating your sales team is to identify how the team can contribute towards a company’s success; and then develop the proper process to effectively reward it with the appropriate compensation. There are many elements involved in accomplishing that objective:

  • Correctly determine the true value of a sale
  • Establish the appropriate compensation for making a sale
  • Use a credible process to calculate compensation
  • Follow processes that encourage success
  • Prevent common “gaming” of sales plans
  • Limit sales compensation disputes
  • Leverage Accuracy, Agility and Transparency

The Glocent solution is built around these critical business issues that directly impact the success of a sales team and a company’s profitability. Regardless of your present role, if you are considering implementing an automated Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solution, you may want to consider how that solution will help you meet your ultimate objectives.

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