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A multi-module management system designed by F.A.S. - Financial Accounting Systems.

About Solutions Plus Software

Software for loan accounting, savings accounting, certificate of deposit accounting and safe deposit box accounting to banks, lending institutions, economic development agencies, church headquarters and businesses who offer seller-financing.

Certificate of Deposit Accounting System

Designed for Certificates of Deposits, this package will effectively manage any number of sizes, classes, or types. Each CD may compound daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and may be subject to early cancellation penalties. Additional deposits may be made and kept on record until the CD is renewed, and accrual reports may be generated upon request. Interest may remain accrued, transferred to CD principal, or paid to a designated person. Records are kept of pledged CD’s, income tax withheld, and interest paid. Truth in Savings is incorporated with APY calculations.

Available Options

  • 1099 Production with Electronic media for IRS
  • Check writing
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Savings Interface
  • Report Writer (for UNIX platforms)
  • Client/Server (ODBC) Report Creation for WINDOWS platforms)

Loan Portfolio

Solutions Plus Loan Accounting Systems offered by FAS is by far one of the most extensive packages on the market today. This application, designed around a system manager, runs on almost all types of operating systems, will effectively and efficiently handle up to 16 million loans, and incorporates from one to an unlimited number of users.

Built around the Loan Service System Concept, Loan Portfolio is designed with the small, growing user in mind. Encompassing all of the transaction ability of its big brother, the Loan Portfolio system will not sort by class and type for either loans or customers. Transaction types include regular, disbursement, payment short, odd payments, interest or principal only, and reversals. The ability to define late charges and grace periods still exists globally. Each loan may have simple interest, with payments being anywhere from annual to weekly. Interest may be calculated by period or date. The Loan Portfolio may be upgraded to the Loan Service System at any time with NO re-entry of data.

  • Customer information file requires one time entry of information.
  • 4 types of interest calculations.
  • Select and configure payment distribution for odd payments.
  • Surplus funds may be applied where desired or kept in an un-applied funds account.
  • Define payment frequencies as any one of the following: 1, 2, 4, 12, 24, 26, or 52.
  • Grace periods and late charge rates are 100% user definable.
  • Past Due notices can be generated with late charges.
  • Both un-posted and posted transactions may be viewed.
  • Historical listing of transactions with requested beginning and ending date.
  • Detailed information concerning interest paid but not earned and earned but not yet paid.
  • Over 30 reports available.
  • Notices to customers of payments or past dues.
  • Multiple levels of password protection.
  • Look-up function to inquire about Customer number and Loan number.
  • Transaction Reversals - Automatically rolls back all balances & dates.

We now have 12 different transaction types in the Loan Portfolio System.

Loan Service System

The Loan System offered by FAS is by far one of the most extensive packages on the market today. This application, designed around a system manager, runs on almost all types of operating systems, will effectively and efficiently handle up to 16 million loans, and incorporates from one to an unlimited number of users.

The base system is designed to handle standard financing; however, multiple custom options allow the package to be tailored to accommodate needs ranging from creative financing, construction loans, mortgages, agricultural, commercial, installment, student, and lease/loans. Many of these features cannot be found on software packages costing a quarter of a million dollars.

The Loan Service System is by far our largest package. The ability to effectively handle all loan transactions are inclusive in the base system with 12 different transaction types, and over 100 reports available. One-time entry of customer information is permitted, and can then be tied to multiple loans. Customers may be sorted by class and type. Loan information may be sorted by class, type, and loan officer, with the class being tied to general ledger accounts for interfaced postings. Partial payments are handled with ease with the ability to define what will be satisfied first (i.e. Interest, late charges, principal, escrow). Any item not satisfied will be carried over and will reflect in reporting. Past due notices may be generated at any time, with global late charges or individual rates for each loan class. Past due reports can be produced using any date window.

Reports may be sorted using date ranges, class, type, or loan officer where applicable. The Loan Service System is very flexible, it works well as a Loan Charge-Off System also. Any configuration for the system may be used considering the following options:

Available Options

  • 1098 Production & Electronic Media for IRS
  • 1099 Production & Electronic Media for IRS
  • Payment Coupon Maker (In base system at no charge)
  • Amortization (In base system at no charge)
  • Escrow Accounting (4 accounts per loan)
  • ARM (adjustable rate mortgage)
  • Prime Rate (10 tables)
  • Pre-Computed Interest Module w/R78 Rebate
  • Participation
  • Economic Development Analysis
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Calendar for Irregular Payments
  • Report Writer or Client Server

Safe Deposit Box Accounting System

Designed around our versatile ýSystem Managerý, this package will run on many platforms, and will perform extremely fast. The Safe Deposit Box software was designed to include all functions of day-to-day operations as well as many weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end functions. System can operate independently or be configured to perform with multiple users and/or multiple branches all reporting to a main branch. Look for the following features and benefits.

  • Global pricing with the ability to override price on any one customer.
  • Keep record of openings for Courts.
  • Past due list as well as past due notices for 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and final notices.
  • Regular billing and advisory notices may be generated with the operator changing any wording necessary.
  • Income projection for any month may be reported.
  • Creates Advisory Notices for customers wishing to have an accounted Debit for box charges.
  • Develop a customer waiting list.
  • Mark a box frozen.
  • Discount percentage may be set for any one customer (ie. Employee discounts or multiple box discounts).
  • List authorized box users.
  • Direct printing to different printers, screen, or to a file, as well as control font size and output quality.
  • NO special printed forms are needed.
  • Produce a list of available boxes, current customers, or even mailing labels.

Available Option

  • Multi-Branch accounting with separate billing and tracking.

Savings Accounting System

The Savings Accounting System will accommodate various types of savings plans. Designed to allow one-time entry of the Customer Information File, which can be tied to as many accounts as necessary. Look for the following features and benefits.

  • Accounts are set-up according to size, type, and class, and reports may be generated accordingly.
  • Compounding may be done daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • Statements may be created individually, by group, or for all accounts.
  • Complete accounting of accrued interest is available at all times including: interest paid to customers, interest due and unpaid to each and all customers, and total unpaid interest for each class and type.
  • Deposits and withdrawals may be made at any time.
  • Interest may be paid to the customer or any designated individual, added to principal account, or transferred to another account.
  • Check-writing option permits automatic payment of interest. Records are kept of pledged savings, income tax withheld, and interest paid out.
  • Inquiry of customer or account balances is always available, and Truth-In-Savings quoting is incorporated.

Available Options:

  • Production with Electronic media for IRS
  • Check writing
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Report Writer (For UNIX Platform)
  • Client Server (For WINDOWS Platform)

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